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The lessons Pastor David Craig learned from growing up on the family farm have made the Kingdom principles of sowing all the more understandable. At DCM & Life Church, you won.t hear us beg for finances. We have pursued ministry over radio and television, because this is the explicit direction given to David Craig by the Lord.

One day in February of 1973 as he sat at the kitchen table reading the Bible, he heard the Lord say, .Get on radio, get on television.. Over the years, the thrust of this ministry has grown to include many other facets impacting the lives of people locally, nationally and internationally.

If you are a member of Life Church, you are familiar with this and all the other outreaches through the ministry. And as a member of this body of believers, or a partaker of one of our outreaches, it is imperative that you understand that God has established .Giving. through tithes and offerings as the means whereby He establishes His covenant on the earth and furnishes an avenue for blessing and provision for His people.

If you are not a church member here but have found the church to have been a blessing to you, we encourage you to pray and give as God so directs. As you give into this work, know that we are thankful and joyfully receive your gift. Know that we will be good stewards in the distribution of these funds to do the work of the ministry. As a result, lives will be changed, brought about in part because of your generosity.